Antilia: A Million Dollar Dream House

The Forbes 2012 has Mukesh Ambani’s name in the list of the richest people. All of us know Mukesh Ambani as the chairman of Indian Energy Company, Reliance. He is the wealthiest man of India with an estimated net worth of $22 billion. On 2010 he moved into one of the world’s most expensive homes, a 27 storey, 570 foot tall, and 400,000 sq foot sky scraper in Mumbai.


A private residence of that height we can just wonder what must it look like after all the house is estimated to be built at an alarming $1 billion dollars. The home is called as “Antilia” named after a mythical Atlantic Island. As beautiful as the name sounds the house is majestic and the most magnificent contemporary home with an Indian touch to it. Let’s take a tour to one of the most expensive homes situated in our very own Mumbai, a sneak peek would not harm anyone would it? :)


Among few of the photos published, any lay man would take the interior of the house to be one of the 5 star hotels. Though the house maybe 27 storied but since some ceilings are double the height, it takes the outline of a 40 storey building. We can only just imagine. The house boasts of 3 helicopter pads (in case anyone would prefer to travel by air) yoga studio, health spa, ball rooms, theatre that seats about 50 people, multi storey garage with a space for 168 cars, guest suites, terraced gardens and a temple room.


The lobby has nine elevators. Though the house has a huge staff employed, the kids who are currently studying in the US have to clean their rooms every day when they are home. That is what we call teaching the kids to look out for themselves, morals and values. Also note that the Ambani’s are pure vegetarian and they serve wine only during cocktail parties. Other days they are happy with the regular vegetarian meals without alcohol.


The house has been designed beautifully by Chicago based architects, Perkins and Will. The materials that were used vary widely and no storeys are similar. The interior designs are based on the theme of lotus and the sun. Large amount of marbles, pearls, rare wood and crystals are used to adorn the beautiful house.

The living quarters are placed on the top floor to get enough sunlight and looks like an elevated house on top of a garden. Many of Ambani’s associates have described the house to be the “Taj Mahal of the 21st century”. Antilia is Ambani’s sole residence. Before moving on to his new house they lived in another Mumbai building and shared the house with His brother and mother. It was only in the year 2010 they shifted to their brand new house which made a mark in the pages of the most beautiful and expensive homes. It stands proudly on one of the most expensive address in the world, the Altamount Road in Mumbai!

The beauty of this home Made into the pages of many magazines, talk shows etc. and today I hope you got your little dream trip to visit the most expensive house belonging to the most wealthiest business tycoon and chairman of the Reliance Industries.

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